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Vanity Beauty Studio is YOUR one-stop beauty destination...where Fashion + Beauty = FA-BEAU-LOUS!  

We pride ourselves on delivering the hottest trends in fashion, makeup and skincare. We also have a wholesale division where we offer products and displays to spas, boutiques and salons at discounted pricing. Please click the "WHOLESALE" categories page for more info!

At VBS, we offer our exclusive brand of cosmetics and skincare, suitably titled "Vanity Cosmetics." Founded in 2008 by Christal Quiles, a make-up and skincare fanatic and former cosmetics Buyer for Macy's Department Stores. The make-up formulas and shades are pretty and generously pigmented to give that professional look and lasting wear, and at the same time healthy for the skin. The skincare line offers various collections to target specific skin types. The products are formulated from top of the line, rare ingredients and leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant and refreshed.


"It's not necessarily the makeup that makes a woman beautiful, it's the confidence she exudes after a make-over."

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